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Step One!

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First off, I’ve GOT to give it up to Quit Smokeless (to the tune of ‘Got to Give it Up’ by Marvin Gaye). I don’t really have any eye-opening moments, epiphanies, sad stories or divine interventions to share like some, but what I do have to share is what I’ve received and earned through this community: accountability, encouragement, support, wisdom, a safe place for when I can’t think of anything but dipping tobacco, and the start of my real-deal quit.

This 100 day mark feels like I’m finally getting the right foot off the ground to start up a lifetime quit. I imagined 100 days would get me to a point where dip was a non-issue, but the further into the quit I get, the more I realize that the longer I am quit, the more vigilant I have to be against it. It’s just as easy today to go grab a can as it was on day 1, but now it finally feels like I have something to lose if I decided to do that. I still want a dip like I used to, but I’ve built up this nice strong quit, and all you guys have a big hand in it. Would I want to let myself down? No. Would I want to let you guys down? Definitely no. I’ve relied on you day after day, it’s only right that you can rely on me just the same!

That’s why I’m going to keep quitting one day at a time for the rest of my time, it just makes sense!


Chill, dave42, Dillhole, geffdiv, HighTon, jacot23, MarkPaul52, Ohioman 1972, RAS101, See The Spector, UPSer, BRB, dodowah123, dufd45, luckster, No More Grizz, Pastor Tag, Rat 41, stockchart

If there were a hall-of-fame for supporters, the guys below are my champs, thanks for being there all the freaking time fellas!!!:

86Torker, bflem, BrianB, CraigMac6, D Bob, jeffrobd, jonny, MacDanders, Muddler, rodeo timer, SweetTony, Tiger Refuge, tm-va, TR1960

*if I missed you, send me a message and raise hell, I deserve it!!!

RIP to my December ’16 quit team: Horse, xman9916, suvratarora07, Dipjitter. I hope you guys catch a new group in the very near future!!!!

To those who made and those who maintain the site, so many thanks. :worthy:

Now, back to my quit, I just got started!!!!!!! NO MORE DIP!!!!!!!!

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