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Had to have the "hard talk" with a young mate of mine yesterday. He's 27 years old and smoked two, count em, two packs yesterday. That is disgusting, I find all nicotine use disgusting but this is particularly offensive because of A. Youth and B. The massive amount. 

Me: You need to get help, and when I quit I found amazing resources in my online support group at quitsmokeless, I will go and ask them tomorrow to recommend a similar site for cigarette smokers.

Him: I need to just toss out my smokes.

Me: You'll just go buy more.

Him: I'll lock myself in for two weeks in a straightjacket with no traffic and no annoying people haha

Me: Even if such a thing were possible as soon as you got out the traffic and people would still be there, and you'll run back to the loving arms of your addiction.

Him: ....nothing....

Its harsh, but I know how this works, and all the excuses I used to make in order to keep using my little can of turds. So... can any of you lads give me a resource for smokers? I figured someone here would likely know.



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