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Flavius Victor

Know Your Resources and Use Them

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By: Sir DipNoMore


So there I was. Day 37. Haven’t had a serious crave in maybe two weeks or so. I’m coasting dude. Anyways… it’s a perfect Saturday morning. I love Saturday mornings. They are for me. My girls always slept in so I always had to occupy myself. Today was no different…. or was it.


Today was different after all. About every 6 –7 weeks I go and get a haircut. Today would be my first adult haircut without a dip. Even in the Army, I would ninja dip during haircuts. Let me tell you about my Saturday haircuts. I used to get up, get around and head to my local barber. Usually when I got there, I would put in a big hairy one, sit back, listen to the ol’ timers lie to each other, swallow my spit and wait my turn. It was a wonderful way to waste a Saturday morning. Sometimes I would get my haircut a couple weeks early just to experience it.


Guess what… Today was haircut day. To tell you the truth, I never thought of any of the paragraph above. I really didn’t. I was just focused on getting my haircut. Didn’t think about Copenhagen at all, until I got done that is. As soon as I walked out of the barbershop and to my pickup, IT popped into my head. When I say IT popped into my head, I mean IT really POPPED! A shiver ran up my spine really wild like for about 2 very long seconds. I wasn’t in my truck yet, so I must of looked like a fool doing a squirm dance there on Main St. Smalltown, OK.


My mouth starting watering… you know how it used to whenever you open that brand new fresh can and was about to pop in the first dip of the day. That is how bad it was. I could have water all my wife’s houseplants it was so bad. I am now craving and hurting badly. My reflexes have me patting my pockets for my tin. I find it in my upper pocket where it always is. Yes… It’s my Hoochsnuff to the rescue. This is just what I need to kill the urge. Man I got to get home!


I get home and log on to QS ASAP. I do a little posting. I poke a little fun. I read a few articles, but I still don’t feel right. What should I do? I noticed Gi Kea is on line. He messed up one time and gave me his digits, so I called them. As soon as I told him who I was he made me hang up so he could call me back. Imagine that… I’m the needing help and he wants to pay for the call.


Well… I start talking to GK. As soon as we start talking, a passive calm starts to envelope me. I tell him a little about my morning. The nervousness starts to fade. I thank GK for being there for me and we hang up.


Are you still here? What’s the point of all this drivel?

I experienced a weak moment. I knew my resources and I used them. I did not cave!

What were my resources?

    1.) Hoochsnuff – Take it with me wherever I go.
    2.) QS.Org - Its my lifeline at the moment
    3.) Phone numbers – I have at least a two dozen on my cell phone. Some vets, some from our class. And I ‘m not afraid to use them.

Now go back to the top of the page. See what it says? Have your plan ready when the big one happens to you.



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