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Flavius Victor

It's OK

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It’s OK

By: Sir DipNoMore


I’ve been in a melancholy mood as of late. Mostly thinking about my quit, your quit, my class, your class, the classes in between, and the classes to come. And I think to myself… Why?

Why put yourself through the emotional drain day in and day out?

Why invest so much time & energy in someone you don’t know?

Why do you let it hurt so… when one falls away?

Why not just post roll and be done?


This is what I’ve had running through my head all week. I think it came to a head, because the most current class came to a close yesterday and I feel really close to this particular group that I’ve gotten to know. My heart was overjoyed each time we got a new recruit. My heart was broken each time one fell to the side. My face would brighten with elation, when one would repeat the message that we who have come before gave them just weeks earlier. Just as those who came before us did at the time of our beginning, we were only repeating what works – nothing more.


So…with a class closing yesterday…. I was thinking all day long…

“Good job, they drank it up. Everything you guys gave them they took and ran with it. Some are already passing or closing in on 30 days. They no longer need you. You have served your purpose. You’re done. They don’t need you.”


Wow! Can you imagine that? DNM actually thinking someone doesn’t need him? His advise his taunts, his weirdness, his constant nagging, his stupid phone calls, and his shit starting just to get dialogue going? I mean… what an ego I must have, to think I am needed by a thousand and some strangers who just happen to be a nicotine addict like me.


I mean… I can be replaced any day by anyone. Matter of fact, I have been replaced. That is what DNM Inc. was all about… recruiting others to insure someone was always trying to make this thing we call quitting fun. I’ve done my job right? Time to go away and let others step up – right?


Last night I received 4 or 5 special phone calls and PM’s. They came from several different classes. They reminded me what I meant to them and their quit. More importantly… They reminded me what they meant to me and my quit.


I came to the realization that QS.org doesn’t need DNM.

DNM needs QS.org

It’s not about me and what I need. It’s about us…. And what we can say or do to help each other fight this battle one day at a time.


So as I close this ramble of blah blah, I just want to say a few last things…


It’s ok to have fun while you are quitting.

It’s ok to make an ass of yourself to help others forget their problems or craves.

It’s ok to call someone if you feel you need it.

It’s ok to call someone if you feel they need it.

It’s ok to get to know your quit brothers.

It’s ok to let them get to know you.

It’s ok to be happy when we reach milestones

It’s ok to be sad when someone fails

It’s ok to join DNM Inc.

It’s just ok

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