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Flavius Victor

Recipie For Success

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Recipie For Success

By: BLove


The founders of this site and the 100's or maybe 1000's of veteran members have come up with a successful formula for quitting tobacco. I believe it's as good as a cake recipe, but you have to have all the ingredients or the cake will taste like shit.


I believe the ingredients include -


1. The Philosophy - We quit one day at a time here. Period! Subscribe to this and make your life easier. All you have to do is somehow get through today without using tobacco. No matter what!


2. Daily Roll Calls - There is something to the act of accessing the Internet, logging onto QS.org and posting your name on a list that is your promise not to dip today. Do it. Go on vacation? Get a number and call someone to post for you? On a business trip? Text message a brother to post for you.


3. Reading, Posting, Reading, Posting - Quitting sucks ass, no doubt about it! There are 1000's of quitters who have gone through what you are going through right now, regardless of where you are in your quit. Read about their struggles, successes, etc. It helps!!!


4. Have an anti-cave plan - There is not one guy on here that is too strong, tough, or cool to avoid that day, night, or moment when nicotine is trying to get the best of you. Do you have a plan to follow when that happens to you? Do you have phone numbers of quit brothers to call? Do they have yours? Do you have other people you can count on at this time? If not, get serious about your quit and write one. Most importantly, BEFORE you cave make the damn calls!!!


5. Participate/Get Involved - Get to know your quit group and the supporters. If you are comfortable with the people in your group, then calling them in the moment of truth will be easy!!!! SirDNM has a great program, he sends 1 PM a day and makes at least 1 call per week to another brother. I bet he wouldn't feel weird calling one of us for help and EVERYONE knows who he is when he calls. THAT IS THE FRIGGIN POINT GUYS!!!


6. Help Others - From the very begining of your quit to the end of time, you can help another brother stay off the can. All you have to do, is let them know you are there and you support what they are doing. PM them, support and inspire them. Tell them what works for you and what is hard for you. By the way, I guarantee that by helping others you will help yourself and your quit.... trust me!


7. HOF - It's no different then a business goal or a sports goal. It's something to shoot for. It's an accomplishment that you can feel extremely proud about reaching. It adds fuel to your fire for getting to the second level of the HOF (one day at a time of course).


That's it guys. After being on this web site for 89 days I believe this is a success formula for those that are dead serious about quitting tobacco. I'll bet you can't find a member who has done all 7 and typed a cave message. IT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN!!!

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