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What Do You Want?

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Why do you want to quit? If you are debating quitting or in the beginning of your quit figure out why you want to quit. What do you expect to get from quitting? All the times I tried to quit I just wanted to be free from the addiction of nicotine. I wanted to know how it felt to not be under the thumb of nicotine. If I were to write down a list of what I expected to gain from quitting it would have consisted of 1)saving some $$$ 2)feeling some sort of victory for conquering my most formidable foe ever! Was I ever wrong! So many more gifts you receive from quitting. Read on if you are interested in quitting.


That is right! I have faced a lot of battles in 34 years. Quit drinking after being an alcoholic for over 15 years. Quit using drugs after being addicted for over 10 years. Fought and won sole custody of my son after a year long battle. These were all soul searching, life-saving, and character testing battles. Once I decided to take on these challenges I was able to get the job done and am a better person for all those victories. I have to be honest, every one of those battles was greatly influenced by love for my 7 year old son, Zachary, and my quest to be the father he deserves. Nicotine was no different. I knew there was no damn way I could tell him to not smoke or not chew or not drink if I was! What I am saying is I have to raise my son by example not by words! All this being said trying to quit chew over and over and over was driving me crazy!


Finally in a fit of desperation during one of my quits after about 48 hours off the Cope I googled "online nicotine support groups". I found this place and read some of these speeches along with whatever else I could find. I got in the chat room and talked to other quitters who were just starting their quits and veteran quitters who seemed so wise and knowledgeable about what I was going through. I instantly became a member of QSN and have never looked back. The only thing is that I continued to cave and requit for about the first week I came in here. Until one day a veteran told me "hey if you post your name in here on roll call that means you are giving your word to us and yourself not to chew today!" They suggested I read a HOF speech called "Serial Caver" and that speech was about me! I had to send a message to that person (Manimal is his name) and he was very supportive. After I read his speech I figured if this guy could do it then I sure the hell could do it! That goes for YOU too!


Back to my original point I only wanted to get off the chew to save some money and set a better example for my son. It also straight pissed me off that nicotine seemed to be the only battle I seriously had tried to win and could not. Now after almost 200 days off the dumb shit I have realized that quitting brought many more blessings than I had ever imagined. All the excuses I used to justify chewing with like giving me energy and helping me get up in the morning, etc. were exposed for the lies they were. I have way more energy now than I ever did chewing. I have started training for triathlons and eating healthier and spending more quality time with my son. The list goes on and on. So many reasons to quit and no reasons to chew is what it boils down to. It is so worth it to quit. I never realized how much energy that crap was draining from me! I truly believe I can accomplish whatever I set out to do in life! Nicotine ended up being the hardest thing I have ever had to quit or tangle with! It can be done, there are thousands of quitters in here that will attest to that. It is still a matter of making that commitment every day not to put it in my lip. I never would have been able to do it without my quit brothas in the Sweet Cheeks (April 2008) group along with a lot of other awesome quitters.


There are a lot of cool, smart, stubborn, tough mofos on this site that will be happy to help you get through the rough spots in the beginning and whatever happens from then on. Don't let your pride kill you! Ask for some help in here and I guarantee your life will get better. First things first, throw that can away, beat it to death with a baseball bat, burn it, flush it, drive over it, just get rid of it and start living a real life instead of being a slave to nicotine until you die from it. That is what it comes down to. Quit or be a slave to the nicbitch until you die. I better stop writing before they kick me out of here! Do you like yourself enough to join us?


Dosneffect aka Chris B)

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