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Flavius Victor

Through The Eyes of a Female Dipper

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Posted by: mylilsecret


I want to share with you something that I wrote for a presentation that ODT is giving today and tomorrow. I wrote this as an insight through the eyes of a female dipper. I hope if a female is reading this. please know you can join this site. You can prove that you are stronger than smokeless tobacco or any other addiction because some of us have more than one to conquer. Let this site help guide you.


Good luck in whatever choice you make,

mylilsecret aka Nickie


My name is Nicole and I used Copenhagen for 23 years. What at first became I simple dare turned into my reasoning to cope with an abusive childhood. I kept it hidden very well as most female dippers do. The personification that dipping is only used by the male population is simply untrue. Unlike cigarette smoking, women have concerns within their social circles about using. It's perceived as being unattractive. Many have low self-esteem and less desire to ask for help. I believe more educational and prevention messages should be associated to female dippers to prove they are not alone.


I thought I was alone. For years I tried to quit, only to be thrown back into the clutches of my addiction. You can't force, bargain, trade or use ultimatums to help someone see their addiction. That's the hardest part of the disease.


If you know a female wanting to quit, let them know they're others with the same problem. It's embarrassing to come out and admit it. I know it's had taken me 23 years to finally say, "I was a woman Copenhagen user." There is support and this website proves just that. Through this website and quitting smokeless tobacco I found something, I found me! Each group works as a team through accountability and using the term, "One day at a time," I can't imagine what my life would be like today had I not stumbled upon this website.


Female quitters need help. If I show just one that it can be accomplished then maybe more will follow.



Nicole Lynch

Day 574

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