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How Do I Get Started Using The Website?

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The first thing you need to do is register as a member on this website. It's 100% free and easy to do. On the main page? of the forum, next the top and in the center, you will see a place there you can click "register". On the next page, check the box after you have read the terms and rules of membership and then click the "register" button.


On the next page, enter the username that you will be logging in under, then the display name (what others will see when you post) if this is different from your user name. Choose a password, and type it in the first box, then again in the second box to confirm it. You may want to write down your user name and password so that you don't forget it. You will need both of these to log in later. Next, enter your valid email address, then confirm it a second time. Enter your quit date in the exact format described. Confirm the security code as directed by entering the 6 digit code shown in the box. Choose the appropriate options for receiving emails. Finally, adjust the time zone settings to match your own. Finally, click the button on the bottom to submit your registration.


A confirmation of your registration will be sent immediately to the email address you provided when you signed up. You must first open this email and click on the link provided in it to confirm your email address, and then you will be completely registered as a member.



Near the top right of the main page? of the forum, you will see a box labeled "User Name". Click on this box and type in the "user name" that you chose when you registered. Then click in the box to the right and type in the password your chose. Make sure you type both your user name and password exactly as you typed it when you registered. Finally, click the "GO" button beside the password box, give it a few seconds, and you should be logged onto the site. You can now post messages in the forums, send and receive personal messages (PM's), use the Live Chat feature, or any other feature available to members. When you are finished, just click on the "Log Out" button to the top right of any screen beside your user name.




Once you have registered as a member and logged on, you can now post messages on the forum. It is recommended that your early posts should be in either the Café or in your quit group. The Café is a place where all members can post and ask questions, introduce themselves, make announcements, congratulate others on reaching milestones or birthdays, or whatever. Though you can read the posts from earlier years in the Café, these are closed and you can only post to the current year's Café area. If you are a member but have not yet quit, this is the place for you to post. The quit groups are reserved for those members who are currently not using tobacco. If you've already quit and are ready to jump right into it, then head on over to your quit group. The quit group pinned to the top of the page under Quit Groups is the newest group and made up of those members with the least amount of quit days. For most new members, this will be your group. If you've already gotten a few days quit in, you might be in another quit group. If that is the case, just look at the sub-headings on each of the quit groups and find the one whose quit date range includes the date you quit (if you can't find it, feel free to post in the Café that you need help finding the appropriate group and someone will help you out).


Posting itself is pretty easy. Just click the "Add Reply" button above the newest post on the right if you want to start a brand new post. Enter your message or question in the big white box. You may want to keep it simple at first, but after you've gotten a little experience, you can change the fonts on your messages, make them larger or smaller, use the bold, italicize or underline button, change the colors, insert emoticons, add hyperlinks or pictures (keep in mind they must confirm to the Board Guidelines). When you are finished, scroll down and click the "Add Reply" button to post it. If you are unsure of your post, you can click the "Preview Post" first to see what your post will look like.


If you want to reply to someone else's post, the procedure is a little different. Just go to the post you wish to reply to. Right below the appropriate post, you will see a "Reply" button to the right. Click it. You will then see the same screen as you did when you posted a new message, except you will see the other persons post in the box now. Go to the end of his or her post, click on the end, then type in your own message. Again, click the "Add Reply" button or "Preview Post" button as you did before.


To "Post Roll Call", the instructions are a little different. They are discussed in the subcategory entitled "Posting Roll Call".




Personal messages (referred to most commonly as "PM's") are messages sent from one member to one or more other members. When you are logged on, to the top right of each screen you will see a link that says "New Messages". If it reads "O New Messages", you have not received any messages. But if it says "1 New Message" or more, then you have mail! Click on it, and it will take you to your PM inbox. Here you will see the Message Title and the Sender of any new messages you have. Click on the message title to read the message. At the bottom, you can delete the message or reply to it by clicking the appropriate button. Replying to a message is similar to replying to a post on the boards. Click on the end of the message, type in your reply, then scroll down and click "Send Message". You can also preview your message prior to sending it. If you wish, you can save a draft reply to send later. If you do not wish to do any of these, just hit the back button on your browser until you return to the appropriate page.


You don't have to wait until you receive a PM before you send on yourself. One way to send a PM is by clicking on "New Message" (even if you don't have any). This takes you to your PM mailbox. On the left of the screen, you will see "Compose New Message" under the Menu. Click on this. Compose a message just as you did when replying to a PM. The difference is that you have to type in the Recipient's Name and a Message Title in the appropriate boxes. Though the title can be anything you choose, you have to type in the recipient's name exactly or else they will not receive the PM.


An easier way to send an email is to find a post from that member on the forum. To the left of the post, you will see their name and a "drop-down box". Click on the arrow, and choose "Send Message". Then follow the instructions previously described above.


For more detailed information on using the Personal Message, your Inbox or other related features, click here.

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