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Flavius Victor

1000 Days

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Posted by: rodeo timer


1000 Days


and another milestone has been reached in this jouney that has become my life since I quit dipping....


1,000 days, a comma in my numbers, whatever you call it, this is so amazing...I am now in uncharted waters...Have I forgotten what I have gone through to get to this point? NO, I have not - am I any different than any other quitter on this site - no, other than I have more days quit. I still have times when the nic bitch calls - its just easier to tell her no, and kick her to the curb. I am no better than any other quitter here, it's just that at this point, it is easier to make the decision - and it gets easier each and every day - I decide, no tobacco today and we will worry about tomorrow tomorrow!


I can truly tell you that there will come a time when you no longer spend every minute of your day thinking about that little can of death - you will be truly free from this thing we call addiction to nicotine.


So why does someone with this many days quit still hang out here and most importantly still post roll? Other than the friendships that I have made here (you all know who you are), I may never know the answer to that question...I will tell you that I never would have made it this far with out this site and my brothers and sisters here at QSN...


For those that are lurking and wishing they could quit - we have been there, dump your can, spit out your chew, and come join us...its the best decision you could ever make, and this site will literally save your life...


For those of you that are just starting in your quits - stay close to this site, grab ahold and hang on, you are in for the ride of your life (sorry for the rodeo anology, but I am from Wyoming)...if you need anything, send a pm, ask for numbers, if you need one, let me know...a well placed phone call has saved many a quit, including mine...get to know your brothers and sisters in your quit group and in other groups - we all have something in common...


Thanks to all here at QSSN, I never could have done this without you, and I look forward to seeing you all on the boards in the days to come, so I'll close for now - its time to go post roll, you can find me in December 2006 - the ST Nicks, drop a line if you need anything...


Rodeo Timer - 1000 days Hooah!

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